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Summary0000490: Disable color specifications do not work alone
DescriptionAt first I thought the disable specifications were not working at all, but after some experimentation, I have discovered that the disable color specifications only work if another specification is also present. For example, the shadow color.

I will attach a gif of this behavior. In the menu shown, the text in the middle should be black when the specification is working properly (this is for testing purposes, to distinguish it from the light gray that SSP chooses for this balloon's disable color by default). If I only have the disable color specifications, then SSP uses the default gray instead of my chosen color. If I have both the color and the shadow color specified, then SSP will use my chosen color.

What makes it even more strange is that I am using the \f[color,disable] tag in this menu, so the shadow color doesn't have any effect here anyways.
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2022-06-24 15:07

administrator   ~0001289


if you want to apply both color and shadow, please execute \f[color,disable]\f[shadowcolor,disable] every time.

\f[shadowcolor,disable] has no effect when disable.font.shadowcolor not defined.

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