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Summary0000096: new type sstp

One of my friends tried to connect ghost to social software through self-made software.
We have looked at the documents of SSTP and found no protocol to get the returned content of Shiori.
Can you add such a function to SSP?



2020-06-29 21:18

administrator   ~0000187

I think you can use COMMUNICATE/1.x protocol for such purpose, because you can send any additional information using Reference* header.
If you have any detailed plans to implement, please tell me know. I'll try to consider it as much as possible... if there are no security considerations.


2020-06-29 23:45

reporter   ~0000189

well,we plan to build a software to do:
1.send ghost that what we say in social software
2.get the reply from ghost
3.send reply to social software
that's means we should get the shiori's return through some protocol
but when COMMUNICATE sucess,it just return 200OK.


2020-07-03 20:14

reporter   ~0000195

also,can you tell me how to fix the shell in ?
i don't know anything about pna file and so on
thanks to scripts, almost every shell in my disk has this problem
if there have some tools for batch repair, that's a big help

for the traditional chinese language pack,i have time recently,but i'm really tired now,and arcaea has new time limited activity recently。
i will start the translate of ssp to traditional chinese after the college entrance examination


2021-05-16 00:03

reporter   ~0000336

I think this problem is related to (repetitive).
Why not turn off this question and reply to another one?

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